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New - Stem Cell Research

Jan 22nd 2019 - St John and St Elizabeth Hospital London by Dr Conor McCann

Achalasia Sufferers recently met to receive breakthrough insight into stem cell research for the condition. See the full presentation here.   

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This booklet was written to help patients with achalasia to understand the condition, to describe the various treatments that may be possible, and to record the various hints and tips that other patients have shared.

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New - Breath Test Research

April 9th 2019 - St John and St Elizabeth Hospital London

Yan Mei Goh from the Imperial College London kindly provided ACAC with a presentation on Breath Testing Research. ACAC are supporting this program with a view to advancing the research that might one day lead to easier diagnosis of Achalasia and other conditions, including cancer.    See the full presentation and meeting minutes below.

Achalasia Patients: Do you have a few hours spare to help with this research? ACAC would love to hear from you. Please contact us:

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