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Stem Cell Research

Jan 22nd 2019 - St John and St Elizabeth Hospital London by Dr Conor McCann. This research is being funded by GUTS UK.

Achalasia Sufferers recently met to receive breakthrough insight into stem cell research for the condition. See the full presentation here.   

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These booklets were written to help patients with achalasia understand the condition, and describe the various treatments that may be possible - along with various hints and tips that other patients have shared.

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Breath Test Research

April 9th 2019 - St John and St Elizabeth Hospital London

Yan Mei Goh from the Imperial College London kindly provided ACAC with a presentation on Breath Testing Research. ACAC are supporting this program with a view to advancing the research that might one day lead to easier diagnosis of Achalasia and other conditions, including cancer.    See the full presentation and meeting minutes below.

Achalasia Patients: Do you have a few hours spare to help with this research? ACAC would love to hear from you. Please contact us:

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International Symptoms Study

ACAC works closely with an Italian association for achalasia patients - ALMA. With ALMA's support Prof. Giovanni Zaninotto kindly reached out to ACAC to assist his International Study researching the Symptoms of Achalasia. The presentation from this meeting is provided below. Please do contact to ask any questions.  

A summary of the ACAC Meeting: Food Issues For Those Living With Achalasia

(3 March 2020. Hospital of St John & St Elizabeth)

Thank you to Claire Donnelly - Dietitian at Whittington Hospital, and Majid Hashemi - Consulting Surgeon and Achalasia specialist at UCLH for hosting this meeting. The meeting minutes and video are available for review below.

Information about Achalasia

New European guidelines on achalasia: United European Gastroenterology and European Society of Neurogastroenterology and Motility recommendations.

Medically Chaired Questions and Answers on Achalasia - 21 July 2020 – via zoom. Thank you to:

- Majid Hashemi, Upper GI Surgeon University College Hospital

- Kenneth Park, Senior Upper GI surgeon, Aberdeen and Director of Aberdeen Clinic

- Sheraz Markar, Senior Research Fellow, Imperial College with experience from USA

Please just click on the image below for the full summary.


Via Zoom - Tuesday 13 October 2020 at 5.30pm

With Majid Hashemi, Medical Chair ACAC; Anthony Hobson, Clinical Director Functional Gut Clinic, and Sach Kumar, Consultant Upper GI surgeon, Royal Marsden hospital.   (60 participants). Click on the image file below to download.

Mapping the Experiences of People with Achalasia from Initial Symptoms to Long‐term Management

Melika Kalantari MPharm(Hons), MSc

Summary: This study aimed to understand the experiences of people living with Achalasia, from the initial onset of symptoms to long‐term management. Achalasia is a rare motility disorder affecting the oesophagus, which is associated with a range of symptoms and different treatment strategies. Currently, little is known about people's experiences with achalasia and its management.

Download the Free Paper:

ACAC Trustee Silvia Davey produced an insightful Paper about her experience with Achalasia. Please do review it here.  

Poster - (Please add to your clinic or reception)

Questions and Answers for Parents of Children with Achalasia (from meeting held 10th Feb 2021)

Please do review our Draft of the minutes from the above most valued meeting. With Dr Osvaldo Borrelli, consultant paediatric gastroenterologist, Great Ormond Street hospital, London, and Dr Raj Parmar, consultant paediatric gastroenterologist at Great North Children’s hospital, Newcastle upon Tyne. Chaired by Majid Hashemi FRCS, Medical Chair, Consultant Upper GI Surgeon.

Download the Draft Paper:

Achalasia Leaflet - Young People in Education

ACAC has designed a leaflet to assist with explaining Achalasia to schools and colleges - with the intention to promote a better understanding of how the condition might affect children and young people.

It is possible for personal details to be added to the document for onward transfer to an educational establishment. However, if you would like a printed hard copy of the leaflet via the post, please do contact us:


PAIN AND SPASMS - 9 November 2021

Please do review our meeting minutes from the subject meeting, with specialist clinical input from:

Majid Hashemi FRCS, Consultant Upper GI Surgeon, and Medical Chair of Achalasia Action.

Dr Ahmed Albusoda - Dr Albusoda is a Consultant Gastroenterologist at Barts and Royal London hospital and has completed a PHD on gastric pain, under Professor Qasim Aziz

Mr Sacheen Kumar Mr Kumar is a Consultant Upper GI Surgeon at the Royal Marsden Hospital with wide experience of benign and cancer surgery.

Let the ACAC Team tell you all about the condition in our NEW video series.

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Notes from the Nov 9th meeting

Open Forum and Research Meeting

Medical Panel: Majid Hashemi, Consultant Surgeon Sacheen Kumar, Consultant Surgeon

Catherine Rabess, Dietitian

Download them here.