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Dedicated Achalasia Page set up by ACAC.

Patient Forum

The Patient Forum is a well established Achalasia public forum. The site claims a partnership with the British NHS and attracts patients worldwide.


Chat Forums

Various Forums are available for Achalasia Support. Achalasia Action supports the use of the sites provided below as valuable network resources, but unfortunately does not have the experience or authority to sanction the information, accounts and advice that they may contain. Hence, these sites must be used at the users discretion [Disclaimer]. Please do email us with any questions or concerns regarding Achalasia Forum and, or Networking advice.


Meet-up Forum

The London Achalasia Meetup Monthly Meetup is a long standing event, and is a key influence and support to Achalasia Action. Get in touch with the group for more information.

Meeting Forums

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Southwest Meetings  

Following the success of the monthly Sunday meetups in London, three members of the Achalasia Action group are hosting informal achalasia meetings in Bournemouth and Salisbury.  Like the London meetings, this meeting is a casual get-together with no fixed agenda. Just a friendly meet-up to discuss our experiences and try to help each other. Anyone with achalasia is welcome, regardless of where you live.  If you would like to come, please just return a very quick email.

ACAC works closely with an Italian association for achalasia patients - ALMA.

ACAC supports guts UK committed to fighting all digestive disorders.

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Rapid weight-loss is fairly common whilst waiting for Achalasia treatment. If weight loss is a concern please visit our New Emergency Diet Page.