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AC-AC followers - personal case studies

Treatment for Achalasia is wide and increasingly varied, and experiences often differ patient to patient and care centre to care centre. Procedures and Therapies are often tailored to a patients specific needs and preferences, which makes it difficult to offer singular advice. As such AC-AC is eliciting personal case studies from its followers and volunteers (thank you!). These are provided below in order of treatment location.  If you have an achalasia story, and would like to help populate this page; or if you have any questions for the individuals below - please contact us at


UK - South

Verina - London

Disclaimer: The accounts provided are personal accounts only. AC-AC does not have the experience or authority to sanction the information and advice that they contain.  

UK - South (& Italy)

Silvia - London

UK - South West

Neil - Wiltshire

UK - South

Gavin - London