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"Talking with others with achalasia has helped me adjust to living with this painful condition"

How we can help

Get help and support within a friendly well-informed community

Our ultimate directive is to provide help and support within a friendly and well informed community to those with Achalasia and oesophageal motility and peristalsis problems.
We provide the means for people with achalasia to communicate with each other, to learn more about their condition and to support each other. We aim to advance education about achalasia, to support people with achalasia and their friends and families, and to encourage and support relevant research.

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Our telephone helpline is 0300 772 7795
If we do not reply straight away we will ring you back if you leave a message for us.

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Need help? Call the helpline on 0300 772 7795 or email

Need help?
Call the helpline on 0300 772 7795

or email

Achalasia Action helping patients, families and professionals

Achalasia is a long-term condition that cannot be cured at present, but there are treatments that can improve the symptoms.

"Treatment for Achalasia is wide and increasingly varied, and experiences often differ patient to patient and care centre to care centre"

See how Achalasia can be treated