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Lorien smiling and holding a black puppy

Lorien Schipperus’s Achalasia Story

On Rare Disease Day, Lorien tells us of how her achalasia was misdiagnosed and of how important it has been for her to receive support from her family, friends and the wider achalasia community

Liz cuddling a dog

Liz’s Achalasia Story

Ahead of Rare Disease Day, Liz tells us of her experience of recently getting an achalasia diagnosis and of the invaluable support she has received from the Achalasia Facebook community.

Headshot of Jack in a suit

Jack Hyett’s Achalasia Story

To raise awareness of achalasia ahead of Rare Disease Day, Jack tells us of his experience with achalasia and how others with the condition have supported him more than health professionals.

Picture of Ian Tuddenham

Ian Tuddenham’s Achalasia Story

Ahead of Rare Disease Day, Ian tells us of how he recently developed achalasia and of the community he has found via the RARE support group created by Annie-Rose.

Picture of Annie-Rose Tate

Annie-Rose’s Achalasia Story

Ahead of Rare Disease Day we are sharing Annie-Rose’s achalasia story, and highlighting the support she has found by creating an online community and support group.