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We try to summarise various research projects that are at various stages of development. Some of these are keen to recruit those with achalasia to be able to take things forward. Volunteering to help this research is an excellent way of helping others with achalasia in the future.

Medical Treatment of Spasms

Achalasia Action are keen to support a project looking at how we can treat spasms/ chest pains as this has been one of the most recurrent themes raised


I-PASS study

This study (International – Patient reported outcome of Achalasia Symptom Score) is being run by Professor Giovanni Zaninotto from Imperial College and Assistant Professor Sheraz Markar.



The OPERA study commenced in 2022 and aims to review cases of children with achalasia.   It is being undertaken by the Paediatric Surgery Trainee Research



This study is a European project that has started in 2022, gathering together the experiences of patients with achalasia, initially children. Research updates will be


Stem Cell Research

Dr Conor McCann was awarded a 3-year Derek Butler Research Fellowship in 2017 by Guts UK to undertake research into the potential for implanting stem


Need help? Call the helpline on 0300 772 7795 or email

Need help?
Call the helpline on 0300 772 7795

or email