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Specialist Led Meetings

We hold larger scale meetings with specialist speakers, with diverse and interesting subjects related to achalasia. These meetings give the opportunity to take part in question and answer sessions, and there will invariably be questions asked on topics other than the main theme of the session.   Our Medical Chair, Mr Majid Hashemi is involved with these meetings, along with fellow consultant surgeon Mr Sacheen Kumar.

7 November 2023

Research Priorities and a General Patient Q & A Session

Chaired by Alan Moss, Chair of Achalasia Action Charity

4 May 2023

Keeping Your Oesophagus as Healthy as Possible

Q & A session involving Mr James Brewer from Chelsea and Westminster Hospital

9 November 2022

Research Update and Open Forum

A summary of various research projects, and then general questions about achalasia

21 June 2022

Coping with Achalasia: Before and After Treatment

A question and answer session with Professor Daniel Sifrim of the Wingate Institute of Neurogastroenterology and Dr Ahmed Albusoda of Royal London Hospital

9 November 2021

Pain and Spasms, with panel including Dr Ahmed Albusoda

Description of how pain can be affected by the nerve system, and some ideas for helpful medication.

10 February 2021

Parents of Children with Achalasia

Questions and Answers with Dr Osvaldo Borrelli of Great Ormond Street hospital, and Dr Raj Parmar of Great North Children’s Hospital, Newcastle-on-Tyne

13 October 2020

High Resolution Manometry with Dr Anthony Hobson

Details about manometry testing and what it can diagnose about achalasia

21 July 2020

Question and Answer Session

A wide-ranging Q&A session with Mr Kenneth Park, consultant surgeon, Aberdeen, and Mr Sheraz Markar, now at Oxford.

3 March 2020

Food Issues and Achalasia

A session with Claire Donnelly, then a dietitian at Whittington hospital about nutrition issues

19 September 2019

I-PASS research study with Professor Giovanni Zaninotto

Account of beginning of an international research study for patient reported outcomes for achalasia treatment, including details of the Eckardt score system

9 April 2019

Breath Testing Research, with Dr Yan Mei Goh

An account of research from Imperial College involving analysis of breath, primarily to detect cancer from volatile organic compounds in the breath

22 January 2019

Stem Cell Research

Dr Conor McCann explained his research involving stem cells and whether they can regenerate damaged nerve endings in the digestive system

4 October 2016

Psychological Insights into Living with Achalasia

A session with Dr Amelia Hollywood of Reading University

8 July 2015

Food Problems

At this meeting, an informal survey was conducted to explore the various foods that people with achalasia found difficult

12 December 2013

Achalasia: Explanations from Dr Rehan Haidry

Our first patient meeting at the Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth, St Johns Wood